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Tell Me You Want Me

Gina Kelly is a nineteen year old Midwestern girl who sees an ad for open auditions in New York for a play she had been doing in her hometown for the last two years. With the help of her father, who asks co-workers, flight attendants Jewles, and Bridgette, to let Gina stay with them while she auditions for the role, which Gina lands the lead part in. The play is ready to end when Gina's theatre director Lex Lenord introduces his friend Stan Altman (the manager for one of rock's biggest bands in the world Tin Garden) to her, who is looking for a back-up singer for the band. Gina is hired as the new back-up singer and ready to start a tour. There is instant chemistry between Gina and Sebastian Roland, the lead singer of Tin Garden, who is a married, pill popping drug addict. Gina's best friend, Leon Taylor is hired as the make-up artist for the tour, where the two set out for a adventure of a lifetime. Sebastian asks Gina to perform a special song in London when Sebastian hears her do it at a friends wedding. Gina is put to the test when Sebastian drug use gets out of hand on tour and she is forced to make a decision if she stays or goes.

It's a crazy life on tour with the hottest band in the world.

Tell Me You Want Me Excerpt

The Christmas and New Year’s holiday had passed, and the production was winding down. No more Playbills were being printed, and we had four more performances left. It was the second week of January, and the last few performances, the cast have found ways to piss each other off. Crying jags brought on by a tightly wound theater director became more excessive. I called the last week the “showgirl shutdown” phase, and we were in it. I arrived to rehearsal at my usual time, and Lex was talking to someone when he motioned me over to join him. Lex introduced me to his good friend Stan Altman, the touring manager for a band called Tin Garden.


“Hello,” I said as I extended my hand.


Lex introduced me as his prized pupil, with an incredible range. Stan was looking me over, and I was feeling uncomfortable as he did, which prompted me to tell Lex I needed to get ready for rehearsal. Lex stopped me with an awkward laugh and said rehearsal had been called off for the day, but he wanted me to talk to Stan, who happened to be looking for a new backup singer for his band. I was flattered but told them I wasn’t a Tin Garden fan. Stan was jubilant with that welcome news and stated that was actually perfect for what the band is looking for. Fans they had; a backup singer with a wide range for their lead singer was proving difficult to locate at the ninth hour with a tour starting.


I had been encouraged by Stan to audition for the spot that was taking place in a few hours. I looked at Lex, who had a beaming smile as he nodded for me to say yes. Stan told Lex and I that he was bringing the band over in a few hours, but first he had to wrangle them from their beds and kick out some groupies, stating sarcastically that was his favorite part of his job.


After Stan left and standing there perplexed I asked, “Lex how did this happen?”


“Gina, Stan is an old friend, and he came to see the show the other night and asked about you. I told him we’re done after next week you would be able to do the tour,” Lex said, very excited.


He was excited that I could be touring with one of the biggest bands in music and it was the doorway to a lucrative singing career, but he insisted that I needed get myself ready for them. As Stan put it, “Go put on a slutty little number.” Explaining that I didn’t have such an outfit, Lex insisted we would need Carl’s help. Lex was yelling for Carl, who came running from behind the stage. Lex insisted to Carl that he needed all of magic powers, and that included his inner positive gay, knowing that he had to be in there somewhere, and if he could pull him out for a few minutes to help find me some slut clothes and stat.

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