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Twin Flames and their connection to Chiron, The Wounded Healer

April 7, 2019



Legend has it that Chiron was the wisest of the centaurs, his story is not a pleasant one. He was abandoned by both parents. (Chiron's father was Cronus a.k.a. Saturn) only later to get struck by an arrow in a “wrong place, wrong time” scenario. The wound was caused by an arrow of Hercules, and it never healed. Chiron was forced to live with his pain. Being immortal, not even death could be his relief. Chiron however, was the silver lining guy, and found ways to work around his wound. In learning to live with his pain, he was able to teach others how to accept theirs.  This is why Chiron is known as the wounded healer, he had the power to heal those who were fortunate enough to cross his path. His journey would end when Hercules struck a deal with Zeus and Chiron was finally freed from his pain and an astroid was named on his behalf during the early 1970's when NASA saw it for the first time.


The moral of Chiron′s story is that he suffered great wounds in his life through no fault of his own. So what does this story have to do with Twin Flames and High-level soul connections?

The answer may shock you.


Upon researching why I was experiencing a difficult time in my love life, I would come to learn that I had Saturn and Chiron in my 7th house of love and relationships. Upon further investigation of this little known about astroid Chiron that reeks havoc into our lives around the age of 50, I came to understand that when dealing with high-level soul connections we must face our wounds in order to heal if we should have a chance to be in a functioning high-level soul connection. 


We all know that Twin relationships are some of the hardest relationship templates to navigate, especially having a disruptive astroid like this in your 7th house. Chiron forces us to look at ourselves in a way that we may have never thought about before.

The majority of Twin Soul /high-level soul connections, is to heal our inner wounds so we can experience the high-level love so many of us desire, and if we don't do this by the time we hit our Chiron return, then we are forced to keep repeating Chiron's lesson.


I have included the link from astro-seek below so you can look what house Chiron sits is in your birth chart. You'll need to create your astrology chart first to figure out where Chiron is, and the house that it resides in. The link provides all the info you need.


The lessons shown will allow you to start working on them now and heal those parts of you that are needed to be in a high-level soul connection. I can assure you without doing the work, the road to twin flamedom is almost impossible. I've had 2 high-level soul connections since my Chiron return in 2015. I promise, I share what I know to be true.

Best to you!




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