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The matrix will collapse. We're headed to multidimensional timelines.

March 2, 2018


Being able to tune into various timelines and sense events that exist in those timelines, is the definition of becoming multidimensional, and it's where we're headed.


Every day we make decisions that affects our future. Even something as simple as choosing between two different pairs of shoes creates a future timeline.  Basically, whatever choice you make in life today will affect many different possible timelines and outcomes to your future.


Those who sit in power positions of government are well versed in this theory, which is why many of our "collective" choices have been made for us, or at the very least suggested to us through social media, news media, and even through our closest friends. When we buy into fear, we also buy into it's continued existence in the probable future of our own timelines. Your thoughts and the decisions you make today, play a huge role in all life on the planet.  You are not irrelevant.  Every decision you make today, tomorrow, and next week, will affect all future timelines of this planet. We are all one.


When we realize that the consequences of our past deeds or bad actions (be it those little white lies we told to others) they were the result of decisions made by projecting a mask of deception. The moment of realization when they come back to bite us in the butt can be very painful. Every event in our life is connected by a golden thread woven into the fabric of all timelines and possible outcomes. Some of us continue to play out the same old events with different people. Those old events were recorded consciously or unconsciously and played out on repeat in our lives. We have to confront and squash the old karma and thus learn the lesson. History always repeats itself.


As we move into the higher frequencies, we are being required to reconcile old past memories and actions recorded in our past timelines as they surface. These old events present us with a past conflict to resolve in our lives. Many of us are reconciling the past in current and future timelines simultaneously, as well as past issues of the individual self, the ancestral self, the karmic self, or the collective planetary self. Some of us will have that “Come to Jesus” moment in our life only to be forced to see the pain and harm we have caused (or our ancestors caused) to ourselves and others through past history that was recorded in time.


When we loose what we believed to be the foundation of our identity; or the Egoic Self, we can feel a loss of clarity but, we have to move through these old stories and timelines in order to reclaim our true identity, while changing out the false reality that conflicts with our continued spiritual growth. If we do not clear our past issues recorded in our timelines, we will continue to repeat the same lessons until we learn the spiritual lesson that is being shown to us. Everything repeats itself until the spirit of the person resolves the energetic conflict or issue that is recorded in their consciousness memories and timelines. When we clear out old baggage, we change the past timeline in the current present moment, thus changing the current timeline we are traveling. This clearing allows the creation of a new timeline to start and a new positive direction to travel in our lives. When we clear out the past, we move outside of our old story and the old timeline and past will collapse, absolving the old karma never to be repeated. This change effects the future and the cycle of time for the betterment of ourselves and the planet. The old matrix is collapsing rapidly as we move into the 5D. We can't hide our stuff anymore, the new timeline does allow it.


According to the Law of Attraction, you attract whatever is predominantly on your mind.  If you worry about having a lack of money, then this is what the Universe will bring to you; lack. On the other hand, if you envision a world of prosperity then this is what will manifest into your reality.  The Universe always aligns itself with whatever is in your vibration or whatever signal you put out, and whatever is for your highest good to have, so think big and think positive - it's in your best interest. You are a multidimensional soul and a co-creator of this Universe. What do you desire? 

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