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What happen to our dating life after a spiritual shift and spiritual awakening.

January 14, 2018


What if your dating life was about to take a turn and get really interesting. What if I said you would meet several people that seem the same, but the next three people you meet will seem like out of a fairy tale romance novel. Interested? What if they were there so you could work out old issues and karma but you will experience love that will be off the charts. Would you be excited or curious?



I was excited when I started my spiritual shift in late December of 2015, entering into the dating world after 14-years of marriage, I wondered if I’d have higher expectations because of on-line dating sites; technology that seemed to mirror a virtual bar experience without the cocktails. 

Meeting someone from a dating website wasn’t that much different than meeting in a bar. Selecting a photo from a dating app or glancing over at someone sitting in a bar stool was still selection; the only thing that was really different was the way in which we meet people now. After meeting a special guy right off the bat, some of the things that use to annoy me about certain men, no longer did. I started to question if men had really changed over the last 14-years, but then I paused and had my answer. The reality was I’d been on dates with the same type of men from my past and I was now able to see the pattern in my dating. I had a specific type of guy I liked. But the truth was; I changed, I’m the one who was different now.

It’s easy to fool ourselves into believing that people in our lives; friends, family, partners, and even co-workers will stay the same after we go through the spiritual awakening process. Everything in our lives seems to change. 


One of the many changes that occurs, and is necessary for our growth, is the acknowledgment that our spiritual awakening is happening for a higher purpose. As we evolve spiritually, so does our vibration; it rises and people we once shared a similar vibration with, do not change; we do, as our souls frequency rises higher. 

When we find ourseselves

navigating the dating world during this process, it can feel at times that we are put through a series of tests and likely found ourselves coming across all types of personalities when we started dating again after this change. 


After the spiritual shift; it’s likely to experience two of the three different types of relationship models.



To clarify the word relationship. That could mean a date or two; it’s not implied you’ll be stuck in years with these types of relationships. You’ll know when you have come across them for the soul growth. It is also pre-designed or fated to meet these people on your path to learn from. It is a very natural process. 

The first one is the transition relationship, and it happens right after a long-term relationship ends (or not) and then the gradual relationship model typically follows. Both are very signifiant, but some will have to experience the karmic relationship, and having experienced all of these, I hope you’ll find helpful on your journey.


The Transition Guy/Gal: This relationship helps transition from one relationship to the next. It's really a “bridge” relationship and is meant to dissolve once you've been guided to this next point on your journey. Holding onto this type of connection brings pain if we try and hold on to the transitional people in our lives. These types of relationships can also stop you from continuing on your spiritual journey if you do. Disagreements will likely crop up with these types of relationships, and become more difficult to maintain over time. This type of relationship model is not Divinely designed to be the permanent fixture in our lives, they are intended to transition us to the next stages of our spiritual growth and learning. We have something to learn from each other before moving on.


The Gradual Relationship: The gradual relationship has various cycles of a beginning, middle, and end. This is the person who comes into your life for a period of time then that person leaves for little to no reason, and you feel lost. However if they come back in, the relationship is different and feels like something is brand new, but there is a stronger foundation from where you started. People can change behavior and grow and if they do, perhaps it’s fated that they come back into your life after they learn their life lessons. There are no rules to this type of relationship model, everyone’s experience in relationships shall be as different as we are.


The Karmic relationship: This is the hardest relationship model to navigate. They are considered the life lesson relationship we must learn from and the ones we are typically pulled into the hardest due to the physical attraction. We repeat these types of addictive relationships because we’ve not learned the lesson being shown to us from the past. If you have/had low self-esteem, it’s likely you may have/had this type of relationship at some point in your life. Karmic’s are the people you are most comfortable with at first sight. Typically there are intense feelings of love, but over time these relationship wear you down emotionally and could become argumentative and controlling. The relationship has an addictive quality to it. It’s designed that way, otherwise we wouldn’t learn anything from the experience. Karmic relationships are to teach, so we become more whole. You stay in this type of relationship model until the karmic lesson is learned. Once the lesson is learned; you absolve the karma and break free from old habits and move forward to a much healthier type of relationship. 


Getting to the finish line


The longest relationships are the ones in which both people can be who they are without fearing judgement, or pressure to change one another. 


The most valuable relationships are the ones where we no longer need to play games or wear a mask to hide behind. You both know who the other is, and you love them for who they are; not what they do. This is the relationship to strive for.



Best to you out there in the dating world; it’s hard to take that first step after a loss of a spouse or divorce, or dating for the first time after a spiritual awakening, but you’ll do it with grace and ease. Stay positive. Peace and Love to you.


Kris Embrey is the author of  the fiction romance novel Tell Me You Want Me. And her best seller How To Un-f*ck Your Vibration The Twin Flame Edition. You can find her books at or on her website










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