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Twin Flames; The fated introduction to finding one’s life purpose, and a heart full of pain.

October 28, 2017


Perhaps researching the word synchronicity; you landed on an article about Twin Flames. The definition of a Twin Flame in LightWorker speak; is a soul connection between two people that come together to unite in the full embodiment of the divine masculine and divine feminine…??? (WTF)


On the bright side of meeting a Twin Flame; there is an instant intense bond that is off the f*cking charts the moment you connect through the eyes, and this person will play a significant role in your life.


The dark side of Twin Flames; they will abruptly leave your life without warning after saying, “I love you.” or they will ghost; poof-be-gone, run, and keep you on-the-vine-of their our timeline.


When meeting a Twin counterpart there is an inner knowing that feels fated upon meeting them. This is the spiritual bond connecting energetically through quantum entanglement and once formed; the connection is unbreakable. (you’ll wish it was at times) You’ll not meet your Twin by chance either; this fated pre-destined soul contract was put in place to serve a higher purpose for spiritual advancement, creativity, learning, and personal growth. Yippie!!!


Dating a soul-mate is easier than trying to date a Twin Flame, because meeting your Twin…is never without pain, and the cycle can continue for years if you allow it. Not everyone is destined to meet their Twin Flame in this lifetime, (insert applause) though every person on the planet has a Twin counterpart in the present time, or passed-on to the other side.


Upon meeting your Twin, it feels like nothing you’ve experienced before in any other relationship. (this is how you get hooked-in) There is a familiarity upon meeting your Twin that can seem rather odd. Before, during, and after meeting your Twin counterpart, synchronicities start manifesting into your physical reality, and this is where the fun begins. The signs as I call them, will connect back to the Twin in some odd way. Perhaps things like number sequences, seeing the number 1111 on everything from clocks to receipts. Songs on the radio that connect to your twin counterpart, or seeing their name in places that are out of the ordinary like menus and billboards. I’ve experienced a power grid go down upon defending my Twin. (should have seen the look on my friends face when that happened…priceless)


Twin’s share commonalities that are highly unusual in so called “normal or organic” relationships. (example: birthdays that match house numbers, friends, and parents birthdays) But one thing is certain, all of these synchronic events will be out of the ordinary. Twin Flames are not to be confused with fated love or soul-mate type relationships. Soul-mates have more to do more with choice, love, and lust. Twin Flames have-to-do with fate, and the spiritual awakening simultaneously, and not orchestrated by choice or freewill. It’s designed as a learning/teaching relationship.


The hard part about meeting a Twin is that one or both people are usually involved in other relationships, and one of the Twin’s are typically not emotionally available in some form or another. (married, girlfriend/boyfriend) Some Twin’s can get into relationships right away, however; most do not, because it’s not designed to be that way unfortunately, and this is where many people get super depressed to the fated part of the journey. This does not mean you can’t have a relationship with your Twin; it’s just harder to get one going due to the template design.


The Chaser Twin ( the one who understands the relationship template) waits for the return of the runner, having the patience of a saint while working on self as each day goes by. This is not pinning away, it’s different. Only a Twin Flame can understand this process. The chaser is hoping that the runner wakes up to his/her spiritual call to enlightenment, while dealing with their own healing of past relationship wounds during this period. Twin’s may share only a brief moment in time, but one Twin keeps the faith that one day that their counterpart will reach out again. Months and months go by…and then… they call. It can feel like your being used as narcissistic ego supply when they come back into your life, and in some cases that’s what it is.

This experience is called the Twin Flame runner/chaser dynamic. The runner and chaser dynamic is common in a Twin Flame relationship. The runner and chaser dynamic can change roles during the relationship. It happens when one partner may or may not be spiritually aware of what is happening in their own lives, and becomes very confused after meeting their counterpart, which can lead to the the runner escaping the confusion, by leaving abruptly. If you were to ask the runner “why they run?” They wouldn’t know, they’ll just feel that something is “off.”


The running Twin does not understand what’s happening to them on a spiritual level, and feel like they’re losing control over their own emotions. They don’t know what to do, so their natural reaction is to run away, and chasing after them, only makes them run even more. Completing your own inner healing is crucial for this type of journey with a Twin counterpart to even have a chance to work out, and it requires patience, and doing all of the necessary work on self that must be completed. Not doing any inner work on self creates a continuous cycle of running/chasing with the Twin counterpart.


There is a certain fated element to this type of connection. The template of a Twin Flame seems very fated in many ways. It’s one of the most complicated; or most beautiful connections that we can experience in a lifetime; depending on how you want to view that. Some will question the validity of this type of connection, or think that it’s BS, however, the concept is present in many cultures and has been for thousands of years. Perhaps the story of Adam and Eve is the original Twin Flame connection. Other examples of Twin’s are; John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Linda and Paul McCartney, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Ron and Nancy Reagan and fictional characters Harold and Maude that depict Twin Flames with major age differences.

In Chinese culture the name for Twin Flames is the red string of fate, it’s an invisible red cord, tied to those destined to be together. Time can stretch or tangle the red cord, but the thread can never be severed.

We all have a other half. The term “finding our other half” comes from that concept. The term Twin Flame is derived from Greek mythology. It was said that humans were originally created with four arms and four legs, but Zeus, fearing their power, split them in half, sentencing them to spend the rest of their lives searching for their other half. Whether we believe in the concept of finding our other half or not, the theory of being split in half is a belief that reinforces the Twin Fame concept.


The Twin Flame experience will be nothing like anything you will have been through before. You’ll learn the meaning of unconditional love for another human being and more compassionate love for yourself. How you choose to navigate the lessons you learn, messages you receive on your Twin Fame journey, is entirely up to you. How each person will process “signs” is also up to each person who experiences them.

Each Twin has a different trajectory they’ll be on, and no two Twin couples will likely walk the same path in life; how could they due to the dynamic of meeting a Twin in the first place. However, one thing is certain, once awakened by such a connection, your life will never be the same.

Some have questioned the validity of the Twin Flame concept, calling it evil, the work of the Devil etc…I get it; unless you’ve experienced an abnormal amount of synchronicity surrounding another person, it’s hard to digest the concept of a fated meeting of your carbon copy with synchronic signs unless you’ve experienced this for yourself. Not everyone in life will need to go through this type of relationship design. I do believe in the Twin Flame model, because I‘ve experienced it and speak about my experiences.


Like so many who’ve experienced this relationship model; it came with a spiritual awakening, finding one’s life purpose, and a heart full of pain because of the running Twin who was not emotionally available for you or anyone. This is the hardest part of the Twin Flame journey; it ain’t easy.


A Twin Flame is one of the most challenging relationships to navigate. There is an inner knowing that comes with meeting that they are your Twin, but be-not-fooled; not all Twin’s wind-up together in “romantic” situations just because of the fated-ness that persist with synchronic signs after meeting them. Fate does-not-a-relationship-make. A relationship must have 2 people in agreement to said-relationship to make it so, the law of freewill has much to do with that. There is no Universal law that states; “a fated meeting is forever.” Life is not a Helzberg Diamond commercial. But one thing is for sure; anyone who experiences a Twin Flame relationship will be changed forever and ultimately rewarded by spiritual evolution.


Working on self first and detachment from the ego mind of the fated-ness part of meeting a Twin Flame is what moves you forward on your spiritual path. Detachment means: TO HAVE ZERO EXPECTATIONS OF BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR TWIN. I can't emphasis this enough. You and your twin will no doubt be working on issues through each other to evolve as people. The meeting of the Twin is always for a much higher purpose. Divine timing will determine if you will be in a "union" or relationship. The law of freewill; choice in choosing a partner, prevails over fate and destiny. 


Kris Embrey is the author of How To UnF*uck Your Vibration — The Twin Flame Guide, she is also the author of Tell Me You Want Me and Till The Other Side of Time.

You can find her books at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and

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