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20 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

September 28, 2017

When we become conscious of our thoughts, we learn that every thought we have creates a feeling that can be measured by choosing the reality in which we live in. Thoughts either support us or they don’t. Feeling good raises your vibration high enough to connect to the power of intention. This is where dreams and ideas become reality. Some thoughts can be limiting. Every thought, and every feeling, carries a vibration that can be measured. You want to raise this vibration high enough to connect to the power of intention. This is the place where you feel joy, happiness and love, and in this space... is where your dreams manifest, and become your reality. Every thought you have, every feeling you create, carries a vibration. What we signal out into the Universe always returns back to us. Be it positive or negative. Like attracts like. This is the law of attraction.


  • Find something in yourself and appreciate it - Make a list of things you are grateful for. Write down all of the things you are good at and like about yourself. This allows you to shift the focus of lack to appreciating yourself for all the things you have, can, and will accomplish in life. You are a beautiful powerful soul, now expand on that to show yourself gratitude for being here on this planet. There is only one you, and you are unique.

  • Eat veggies - Believe it or not eating fresh produce raises your vibration, fast food does not raise your vibration; in fact in lowers it.

  • Stop gossiping about others - Gossip puts you in a very low vibration. Ask yourself, “are the things I’m engaging in bringing me what I want?” This holds true for social media comments, snipes, and underhanded back-smack. Don’t enable friends in gossip, politely withdraw from the conversation. Remember what is transmitted into the Universe holds a vibration. Hear, Speak, See no evil.

  • Meditate - This helps calm you down to be in a peaceful state of mind. 10 - 15 minutes of meditation a day can change your life.

  • Be grateful for what you have; stop focusing on what you don’t - If you want more money then focus on the having of it, not the lack of it. If you want a partner in life, one way is to start "feeling" you are in a relationship. Don’t focus on why you don’t have a plus one, but rather create the feeling that you do.

  • Practice acts of kindness - Giving to someone shifts your thinking from; I don’t have enough time or money. Shift the thinking to; I have more than enough to give to others. Abundance and kindness is a very high vibration. Just keep in mind when you give, have zero expectations of receiving or being acknowledged in the act of giving.

  • Exercise - The more you move your body, the better you feel, the better you feel, the better experiences you will have through your day.

  • Get out into nature - Nature is the best place to take your problems. Source power communities to us in nature. Connecting with Oneness is one of the fastest ways to raise your level of vibration. 

  • Salt Baths - Warm baths are one of life’s pleasures. They help melt away the day’s worries and allow you to switch off your mind for awhile.

  • Learn to say no to the things you don't want to do and the people that drain you - Doing things that drain you of your energy will not make anyone around you happy. Example: If your invited to a party and don’t want to go, don’t. Learn to let go feelings of obligation to make impressions. We tend to hold onto beliefs that we need to please others to sacrifice our own happiness, however, this is an outdated belief system. Perceptions of not attending a function because of fear of being “talked about” is ego, and that is a low vibration.

  • Smile at a stranger - How many times have you noticed someone who looks looking defeated? A little smile goes a long long way to make someone’s day just a little extra special. We’ve all been there. A smile costs nothing, but the rewards are good for our souls as well as the souls of those around us. 

  • Stop complaining - Whining comes at a cost. When we complain, our brain releases stress hormones that harm our cognitive functions. This also happens when we listen to someone else complain. Give someone five minutes of ear space, then ask them if they want some cheese to go with that whine… then...walk away with a smile.

  • Get off the media grid - Whether you are trying to get more followers on Twitter, or friends on Facebook; social media has become an egocentric and pressure-sensitive environment that creates unnecessary stress in our lives. This also applies to news media outlets that create low vibrational fear mongering, that if exposed to over time, adds unneeded stress to our lives that can actually make us sick.  

  • Be open to others thoughts and life experiences - Being open-minded allows you to share in life experiences that can open you up to see things in the world differently. Not everything in the world is linear. In space-time; past, present and future exist simultaneously. Black and white are only 2-colors out a possible 10,000,000 with many color levels of light-dark. We live in an infinite world of possibilities all with one simple word can change your life experience. Be open to others thoughts, and opinions and watch how your life can be impacted for the better.

  • Live a clutter free life - Let the size of your home dictate how much stuff you keep, and not the other way around. If your closet is bursting, instead of dreaming of a bigger closet, try donating clothes and only keep the ones that fit the space you have. Rule is if you have not worn it for a season; it’s time to go. Living a clutter-free life clears your mind to be more productive and creative.

  • Loose the luxury items - There’s no one you need to impress but you. Success is not measured in the house you live in, the car you drive, or the shoes you wear on your feet, or the handbag you can afford to buy. Luxury stems from a feeling of lack or the “keeping up with the Jone’s” mentality. Buy it if it makes you feel good, not to keep up with others.

  • Get over the need to compete with others unless your an athlete - Your talents, contributions and purpose in this world can never be compared to anyone else. There is nothing to gain when we compare ourselves to another. What you loose is pride, your drive, and your passion for the things you want from your life. It's better to be your own butterfly. 

  • Forgive yourself and others - Forgiveness is compassion. Not forgiving someone and not repenting for wrongs you've committed on others can take away your power and keep you spinning in a cycle of anger, and resentment. Many have viewed forgiveness as a sign of weakness. Forgiveness does not mean forget; it means you have enough compassion to let something or someone that hurt you go on it’s merry way with a compassionate heart.

  • Practice the art of patience - Patience requires sitting with yourself in a quiet mind and having the knowledge that things in your life will change for the better if you turn it over and let the Universe or a higher power to take it for you. Everything you want and need is delivered in Divine timing.

  • Keep thoughts positive and look at the signs given to you from the Universe - Everything consists of energy and this is how synchronicity could turn into your next manifestation. Frequencies and vibrations in a single moment sync together in alignment to produce these amazing experiences. 

Kris Embrey is the author of:

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