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Is it possible to live in a real life version of The Matrix?

July 11, 2017

Imagine yourself completing your very first romance fiction novel and secure a publisher. Sounds good so far. But let’s say there’s a possibility you will meet the antagonist

 from your fiction story in real life. Would you be able to change the antagonist storyline? 




Hollywood has done countless movies on the subject of manifestation. The Matrix is one example, but could you see yourself living within a real life matrix? It happened in March of 2016, after my first book was released. Life as a writer took an interesting turn when fictional characters started to show up on my path.


It was in March of 2016, when a very persistent friend encouraged me to join a popular dating site (that I’d very little interest in.) Over the course of the next several weeks, what I’d thought about the spiritual world, which from my POV was granola BS. That attitude would be challenged the day I’d met someone by the name of Mark Grant and within an hour, hearing the name Lex Lenord being paged over a P.A. system. Knowing this was more than a mere coincidence, because these were two fiction names I’d used in my romance novel. Thinking at the time; that’s weird? Later there was a thought that came to me randomly; put him on my path, this thought occurred when exiting a parking lot, and immediately found myself staring at a vanity license plate that read ANGEL.


After arriving back home, reviewing some profile photos from the dating site; one of them was a guy who messaged me as I was looking up towards the sky; catching a glimpse of a rainbow, memorized by one on a clear day with no rain; replying back to his message. I’d gotten a response back right away, he seemed interested enough in meeting for coffee. We had a conversation going for a bit, and made a very loose plan to meet later in the week.


After confirming the coffee clutch date, I’d taken a walk across the street to the store. Crossing at the intersection, I’d noticed a trail of dimes laying in the street, but didn’t bother to pick-up the strange trail of coins that seemed to be yellow brick road-ing my way to the market.


That following Monday, sitting at work, he sent a message to see how I was doing, telling him that I’d be in his area that Friday and if he would like to meet-up for a drink after work. He said, “let’s do it.” That day I’d gotten my e-book stubs in the mail, made official; my book was published. Putting a few of them in my purse, and heading out the door. After work, I walked over to the bar to meet my date. We ordered drinks and proceeded to have a great conversation. Talking with him, felt like I’d known him a really long time, which was kind of crazy to hit it off with someone that well. We paused and started looking into each others eyes and it got intense, “I really like you,” he said, with a smile, then wanted to know what I was thinking after he said it. Being to shy to answer back, only offering him a smile in his direction, he just sat and smiled back. What I really wanted to say was, “Where have you been my entire life?” but the words didn’t come out. Our conversation continued to flow the entire evening, as he asked questions about being a writer. Reaching into my handbag, I pulled out one of the book stubs, handing it to him, stating that I never expected him to ever read my silly romance novel, as we continued to talk in the bar for a few more hours, but now it was getting late and more patrons started arriving, making it difficult to hear one another, and decided to end the night. He walked me to my car, making no future plans to see me again.


A few days had passed after our date, and the friend who insisted I join this dating site, was in town on an overnight from work. The hardbound version of the books had just delivered in the mail and was pulling them from the box when my friend came in the door. I didn’t give my friend time to settle in, excitement over took my mouth telling my friend about my date, babbling on how me and this great guy hit it off, thanking my friend for his suggestion to join the dating site in the first place. I grabbed my phone to show my friend the photo we had taken at the bar, along with the profile picture from the dating site. My friend, who was standing over my books, got a very odd facial expression across his face as he was looking at the profile photo, and the books sitting on my table. My friend picked-up one of the books, said, “are you kidding me? Look at this,” taking my phone to enlarge the profile photo, laid it on top of the book side by side; it was the same person. “You didn’t show him this did you?” My friend demanded, Positioning to my friend that I did in-fact give my date a book stub, but didn’t notice the similarity until he put the photo next to the book. “Jesus, you manifested this dude, what the hell?” My friend said, laughing shaking his head at me, as he walked away into the other room. “You may have just messed-up your chances, that is too weird.”  He yelled back, leaving me with the photo and the book similarity in disbelief. Must admit, it was shocking and embarrassing seeing this similarity. 


Over the course of the next several months we were in and out of communication, I would not say that we were "friends" but we did become friends later. Over the course of 4-months, personality traits were being slowly revealed to me. I’d come to learn he and my antagonist were one in the same. In these months of developing our friendship due to a business arrangement; Universal synchronic signs, in the form of dimes, and number sequences, connected him odd ways. It was being shown as confirmation of the manifestation perhaps. 


Manifestation at the basic core principal "like attracts like" which in philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. I’d spent around nineteen-hours a day, seven days a week for three-months, when I was developing and writing my book. To say I was attached to this writing project, would be an understatement. I’d spent more time developing the antagonist than other characters in the book, stumbling onto manifesting by chance sort-of-speak. The antagonist from my story was manifested from cover to cover literally, and the amount of synchronic events that occurred, seem to confirm a classic case of manifestation.


Synchronicities are the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. Much like meeting someone from a dating site, and the dimes I saw after connecting with him on a dating site. We could have met in other organic ways since he worked in the same town I lived in, but as to the how part, who knows. Many experiences perceived as coincidence are due not merely to chance, but instead potentially reflected the manifestation of coincident events or circumstances.

Looking at manifesting and parallel universes - the intention to create something, verses tapping into something unknowingly. The notion of a parallel universe or dimension that resembles ours appears to be a work of science fiction, but I don’t discount it, I’m apt to believe that quantum physics may have had a hand.


Quantum theory allows particles to be in two places at the same time. Quantum theory is the multiverse theory. It holds that as soon as a potential exists for any object to be in any state, the universe of that object transmutes into a series of parallel universes equal to the number of possible states in which that the object can exist, with each universe containing a unique possible state of that object. Furthermore, there is a mechanism for interaction between these universes that somehow permits all states to be accessible in some way and for all possible states to be affected in some manner. To state this in clear terms; the antagonist from my book and the guy from the dating site exist simultaneously in two places on multi universes at the same time. When focusing with great detail on the antagonist, seems I’d brought into my life experience, his doppelganger.


Can manifestation of a fiction story really happen? It appears yes; it can.  Perhaps quantum theory and The Matrix is more than just science fiction.


You can learn more about the book that manifested Tell Me You Want Me at  

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