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How to Un-F*ck Your Vibration
The Twin Flame Edition

Twin relationships hold some deeper meaning than that of the typical soul-mate relationships. Likely when you met your Twin, it was under an unusual circumstance. The relationship with our Twin counterpart has more to do with developing creativity, learning, growing, and healing for the soul’s journey. It’s not just about a relationship with your Twin counterpart.


Twin connections help us to become better versions of ourselves.
This is the beginning stages of the term called Twin Flame Runner. Not everyone will have to go through it, and bless those who didn’t, but the majority of Twin Flames do.

Congratulations; you’ve officially met your Twin Flame. The feeling of the one when you looked into their eyes.

How to Un-F*ck Your Vibration Excerpt

You had no prior knowledge of what a Twin Flame was, and thought this person was probably your soul-mate.
You started seeing odd signs, and wondered; is this fate? It must be, Wow! This is just like a movie, awesome!


Hold-up …fast forward it’s three-months later, and that movie seems to be more like the Matrix. Your heart hurts, you think about him/her and you can’t figure out why. Welcome to the Secret Society of Twin Flames. You’ve been initiated into Twin Flamedom without your ever knowing. You’re a hot mess, crying and carry-on about someone you hardly know, but your heart knows. And this is where I say; STOP pinning, wake-up. Yes they are your Twin, but they ghosted you, how are you going to deal with it? I have some helpful tools we will uncover later in this book.

The intense vibe you put out, is what sent them running and it’s keeping you from the connection with your Twin counterpart. There is a runner chaser phase only if you allow it to be a phase, if they run and you chase, then it’s a phase.
You’ve awoken your Twin’s issues and that’s why they went running. Depending on their personality, they will run back. The reason? Some have narcissism issues in their DNA bloodline they will likely be working through, not to mention they love the attention, they feed off of it. Ever heard of the term emotional vampires? Well it’s kind of like that.
Emotions play a big part on this journey, whether those emotions are positive, or negative, they’re emotions felt at the soul level. These feelings with your counterpart are amplified and over exaggerated compared to the so-called normal relationship. When things are good with your Twin, it feels great, but it’s when things are not going so well with your Twin, when those feelings can be amplified. The reason? There’s more emotional energetic intensity between Twin Flames. Those interactions you have with your Twin are happening on a soul level, and it can become an emotional roller coaster ride for you both when your absorbing each others emotions in the same physical space.


Your Twin counterpart is feeling/feeding off of your vibration. They may not be as in touch with their feelings, but in your presence, they feel that something is weird, and they don’t why.

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