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Till The Other Side of Time

November 1986, when Gina Kelly and Leon Taylor take off for Greece after a tumultuous tour with Tin Garden. But what Gina does not know is that Leon is keeping a secret from her.

After Leon leaves Gina at the Acropolis, she is unexpectedly met by Sebastian, who is still madly in love with her. But Gina, who is still heartbroken over Sebastian’s betrayal, is not as willing to forgive him as he thinks. After she initially rebuffs his proposal, he convinces her that he has cleaned up his act. Hours later, Gina ignores pleas from her friends not to move forward and marries him. Just as she leaves her singing career behind for motherhood, Sebastian makes a monumental decision with the power to change everything once again.

Till the Other Side of Time shares a glimpse into the music world of the late eighties as a rock star who works hard to overcome his addiction issues, learns how to heal himself in order to move forward into a new chapter in his life.

The author opens up and shares her journey after writing her first book Tell Me You Want Me, when the fiction book took on a life of it’s own. Likeness between reality and fiction surrounding the authors main character Sebastian, parallels a unique story of synchronicity. How far does real life imitate art?

Till The Other Side of Time Excerpt

August 1, 1988 


Leon Taylor interview, NBC Studios, already in progress.

Interviewer: “You were on the infamous ‘Wait Till I’m Home’ tour, is that correct?”

Leon: “Yes, I was.”

Interview: “It was rumored that the tour was plagued with drug problems.”

Leon: (laughing) “I never heard that rumor.”

Interviewer: “Sebastian Roland has a reputation with drug-related issues like heroin. Can you comment on that?”

Leon: “Heroin? No, I’ve never seen him or anyone do smack … okay?” 

I should’ve had better sense to decline the interview. I wasn’t expecting to be asked about drug use from a tour that happened over two years ago. I disconnected from the interviewer when I got hit up with that last ignorant question, causing my mind to go back to that crazy tour and what followed after Gina and I left it.

It was November 17, 1986, when I started unpacking from the move into my and Gina’s new apartment. I had just pulled out the last of the kitchen nonsense from a box when the phone rang. 

“Leon, hey, it’s Walter. Listen to this—you’ll never believe who I just got off the phone with,” he said with excitement.

“Who?” I asked, preoccupied.

“Guess who’s still lighting matches to Gina’s torch?” Walter said, laughing.

“Are you serious?” I replied, surprised because I knew who Walter was referring to. I started whispering over the phone because Gina was sitting on the other side of it.

“Sebastian tried calling you at your old number—told me he made a big mistake. Can you believe that?” Walter said with an upward inflection in his voice.

“He’s a damn mess,” I replied, rolling my eyes.

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