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Writings from a Healing Heart

Love can be passionate and healing,

but love will burn if you don’t learn.


This is the first book of poems and prose from the best-selling author ofHow To Un F*ck Your Vibration, The Twin Flame Edition. In this intimate collection, Kris Embrey takes the reader on an introspective and very personal journey of love and heartbreak after a twist of fate relationship. What happens when we look for love in all the wrong places? These writings will answer that question and resonate with anyone when the flames ascend too high in a heavily fated relationship. If the deepest part of one’s soul is burned by a karmic partner, then the phoenix must rise from those ashes.



December Dreams


If music is life, then let me live,

I’ll take a cab down Broadway,

listen to your song, get caught dreaming.


Yellow cabs line near Central Park,

wanting to be here with you again.

July words still frozen in November.

Opening the window to my heart,

I love you.


In my hand, little bird waits for me to scribe,

takes towards the sky.

Perhaps he’ll find me, come December.

Book no.1
Book no.3
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